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Address :3, Zulfiyakhonim Str., 700128, Тashkent, Uzbekistan
Phone: +(998712) 1357534
Fax: +(998712) 1377531
Е-mail : tashkent@seismo.org.uz; seismo@uzsci.net

Director: Prof. Abdullabekov Kakharbay Nasirbekovich
Depute Director :Dr. Husamiddinov Sabriddin Samarovich
Secretary of Scientific Board of Institute: Dr. Usmanova Makhira Turabovna

Short information about activity of the Institute of Seismology of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan

Institute of Seismology of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan was established on October 1, 1966 soon after the destructive Tashkent earthquake of April 26, 1966. The first Head of Institute of Seismology was Academician of AS of Uzbekistan Prof. G. Mavlyanov (1966-1985). From 1985 to 1988 to take the lead of Institute was Corresponding-Member of AS of Uzbekistan Prof. O.M.Borisov. Since 1989 at present time it is under leadership academician Prof. K.N.Abdullabekov. In 1990 the Institute was given the name of its first director Academician G.A.Mavlyanov.

The major scientific problem of the Institute is "Estimate of seismic hazard, seismic zoning of different levels, long-term prediction of earthquakes, assessment of seismic risk, out put of methods middle-short-terms prediction of earthquakes".

The organizational structure of the Institute consists of 11 Research Laboratories (152 persons), the Complex Expedition (200 persons) with observation Network on the territory of Uzbekistan on 22 Seismic Stations, 9 complex prognostic stations and 32 separately point of observations, the Magnetic-Ionospheric Observatory and Department of Geography. The staff of the Institute includes 352 persons and 72 of them are Researchers Scientists. Among them there are Academician of AS of Uzb. A.N.Sultankhodjaev and Academician of AS of Uzb. Abdullabekov K.N., 15 Doctors of Sciences (Dr.Sc.) and 28 Candidates of Sciences (Ph.D.). At present there are 4 post-doctorate and 15 post-graduate students taking part in thematic studies. In 1990 the Institute was given the name of its first director Academician G.A.Mavlyanov.

The main achievements of scientific research are as follows:

  1. The Map of Seismic zoning of Uzbekistan has been developed and compiled.
  2. Out work of methodology of prognosis of strong earthquakes with complex hydrogeoseismo-logical and geophysical methods for geological-tectonical conditions of Uzbekistan.
  3. A unified mechanism of seismoionospheric and electromagnetic disturbance origin has been proposed. A common character of anomalies in time and in manifestation of geophysical fields, of hydrogeoseismological parameters and vertical Earth's crust movements has been revealed.
  4. The local variation of geomagnetic fields, have been conditioned by exploitation of large Water Reservoirs, Underground Storehouse of gas, Oil and Gas deposits were bring light. The influence of the work out of the gas fields on seismicity of the area was investigated. At dependent those events from as parameters, as regime exploitation of deposits was revealed.
  5. The scientific and methodological fundamentals for delineation of seismic zones with characteristic movements and dislocation types have been developed. The zones are differentiated by magnitude value, intensity and recurrence frequency of possible earthquakes. Methodological recommendations for detailed seismic zoning have been worked out.
  6. Conformity to natural laws of changes of seismic characteristics of soils at different kind influences was revealed. Out work of the methods of possible change in seismic properties of soils after building of territories and guidance for Seismic-microzoning engineering-seismological are investigated.
  7. The complex of physical properties of Uzbekistan's rocks at high pressure and temperature has been studied. On the base of results obtained pethrophysical models of the Earth's crust have been developed and precursors of rock's destruction revealed.
  8. A scientific group of the Institute of Seismology (G.A.Mavlyanov, V.I.Ulomov, A.N.Sultan-khodjaev, L.A.Khasanova et al.) made first in Central Asia scientific discovery: "The phenomenon of changes in chemical and gas composition of ground waters (elements and isotopes) in the course of an earthquake" (N 129). ). 8 Scientists of the Institute, with G.A.Mavlyanov at the head, were awarded with the Beruni State Prize of the Republic of Uzbekistan for development maps of General Seismic Zoning of Uzbekistan.

Scientific out works and their practice application in Uzbekistan:

  • The Map of Seismic zoning of Uzbekistan has been developed and compiled.
  • Prognostic Commission of the Institute are prepare every week Reports "About seismic situation on the territory of Uzbekistan" and pass to Emergency Situation Ministry of RUz., and other State Organizations.
  • The Maps of Seismomicrozoning (SMZ) for the territories of 26 towns of Uzbekistan. The Map of Detail Seismic zoning (DSZ) for the Fergana Valley on the scale 1:500000. Engineerical-seismological conclusions for the Plan Building of the series Districts of Tashkent, Namangan, Fergana Provinces.
  • Results of long-standing engineeric-seismometrical observation on the next hydrotechnical constructions: Charvak, Tupalang, Gissar water reservoirs.
  • Conclusions about seismic hazard for the series large unique engineering's constructions of Uzbekistan, such as: National Bank of Uzbekistan; Kyzilkum Phosphorus's Plant; Khodjiabad Underground Storehouse of gas in Andijan Province.
  • Series of strong earthquakes with magnitude M>5 Prognostic Commission of the Institute can were predicted, among them are the following: Gazli, May 17, 1976; Alay, November 1, 1978; Chimion, May 6, 1982; Pap earthquakes, February 17, 1984; January 2 and 5, 1992, and others.

The International co-operation:

Scientific achievements of the Institute are wide known and scientific articles by Researcher Scientists published in: USA, Japan, France, Holland, Germany, UK, Russia, Turkey and China. The Institute is developing creative relations with seismological Organizations and Institutions of the CIS and foreign countries., such as:

  • Seismological Bureau of China, Beijing, China;
  • CTBTO UN (Preparatory Commission of Comprehensive Test-Ban Treaty of UN), Vienna, Austria;
  • Seismological Bureau of SUAR, Urumchy, China;
  • Russian Institute of Earth's Physics Russian of AS;
  • Kyrgyzstan Institute of Seismology;
  • Kazakstan Institute of Seismology;
  • American Geological Survey;
  • GeoforshungsZentrum, Potsdam, Gemany;
  • Institute of High Temperatures Russian of AS.

Some of the nearest goals of the Institute are to widen and modernization of the Seismological Network; increase and reconstruction the number of complex prognostic stations; strengthen the fundamental and applied investigations on the problems of seismic zoning, earthquakes risk management, earthquakes prediction, physics of earthquake source; integration in World Seismic Network observation; and extend co-operation with all Organizations have related on seismology.

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